What is Workforce Self-Service and how can it make your organisation more efficient?

Increasingly, legislation is putting the emphasis on organisations to be compliant with data protection, data transparency and access of information.

You will probably be working on your plan for compliance with legislation, such as GDRP, as far as it affects the processes and policies that govern employee management practice, particularly with regard to employee and workforce related data. So how do you minimise the administrative burden of ensuring legislative and policy compliance whist at the same time, managing your workforce data and cutting out the paper trail? This presents a challenge, but it may also be seen as an opportunity to streamline processes across your overall organisation.

Why iDocuments

Management of your workforce is central to business process efficiency and automation. iDocuments web-based and mobile applications save you time by providing a single automated solution to run your finance, purchasing and workforce processes, which are built round a single database; putting all your workforce data for these processes in one place and at the same time providing your workforce with an anywhere, anytime solution that allows workforce employees, contractors and casual workers to handle many job-related tasks that otherwise would have fallen to management or administrative staff; eliminating paperwork and unnecessary phone calls, whilst drastically reducing costs.

Streamline and automate workforce related processes

iDocuments Workforce Self-Service is a simple to use solution designed to save time, improve accuracy, compliance and accuracy by streamlining and automating workforce related processes. The self-service system provides staff, contractors and casual workers with instant access to their personal data, timesheets, schedules and rosters; it enables them to submit requests for approval, such as sickness and other absences and maintains balances and entitlements for calculating payments, enter timesheets and view their schedules.

Give your workforce access to their personal data and job-related tasks

Workforce Self-Service tools engage every member of the workforce by putting personal data and job-related tasks in their hands. Your workforce has direct real-time access to their personal profile and activities such as attendance, holiday balance, work schedules and rosters, so they get the visibility of what they need, when they want it and make requests for events such as absences and holidays, which are automatically routed through your workflow for approval.

Manage workforce consent through automated personal details approval

Your workforce is able to view their personal details, approve them and update them, ensuring your details are accurate and complete; set up as automated tasks for renewals to keep them up-to-date as your policies require.

Approvals and updates are recorded for audit purposes and verification reports.

Built-in policy compliance and audit

iDocuments can be configured to automate the workforce management processes, compliance rules and policies, access rights and document approvals you need for your organisation. Rules can be set up for multiple organisations in different Countries to reflect variances.

  • Automated approval workflows for document approvals such as absence and holiday requests

  • Set up contracted working hours and working patterns to include rules such as holiday allowance, breaks and sick leave.

  • Automated alerts for key events such as employee appraisals and document acceptance confirmation.

  • Track document consent, such as personal details acceptance and renewals

  • Keep employees informed; post your policies, notices and reminders to selected groups or to your entire workforce.

  • Audit and reports - document events, approvals, field data changes, document consent and report as part of your process and compliance plan.

Simplify Personal Data Deletion

You only want to hold data that is relevant to your business, so once you no longer need a user’s personal data in the system for the purpose for which it was collected, it can be automatically encrypted through a simple one-click ‘Forget’ function.

Greater accuracy and efficiency

Put yourself in control, with accurate real-time data to help you manage your resources more effectively and drive strategic initiatives and improvement.


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