The power of one integrated enterprise solution

Undoubtedly one of the biggest challenges for many organisations is how to simplify business and financial processes in order to focus on driving the business and increase the productivity of people in the organization.

Where an organisation has a mixture of different, sometime outdated systems, and paper-based processes, this task is many infinitely more difficult; inevitably resulting in wastage, unnecessary costs and poor controls.

In this case, there is clearly an imperative to identify where efficiencies can be made in a consistent way across the entire organisation. This inevitably requires standardisation and simplification of business processes that will not only save cost, but also ensure compliance with internal policies and current legislation.

The challenge for many organisations is how to achieve this in a way that is realistic and achievable with the existing resource available.

Why iDocuments?

iDocuments is an integrated web browser based and mobile self-service business application that offers a cost-effective and simplified solution to these challenges – the suite of applications is designed to streamline, simplify and standardize core business processes, delivering a centralised, unified and easy-to-use system.

The iDocuments suite provides a single system for:

  • Purchasing

  • Expenses

  • Timesheets

  • Time off

  • Workforce Self Service

  • Scheduling and Rostering

  • Sales quotations to invoices

Get up and running in weeks

iDocuments proven methodology makes implementation fast and simple, leaving staff to focus on their core jobs.

As iDocuments uses a common configuration engine and interface for all applications, so organisations can implement any of the applications and simply build on the existing system to add applications as and when needed at a low incremental cost.

Extend the reach and capability of your existing ERP or Accounting System

iDocuments integrates with a wide range of ERP and accounting systems to remove the need for duplicate data entry. Pre-built connectors ensure that iDocuments works with all major systems including: SAP Business One, Sage, Oracle Financials, Microsoft Dynamics, Exchequer and Infor SunSystems.

This means users are not limited by your ERP/Finance system to access core processes, iDocuments can be accessed by everyone in the organisation who needs it, anywhere, anytime.

Peace of mind through automated processes with built-in compliance

Streamline and automate wherever possible has to be the mantra for improving efficiency. Automating processes provides greater awareness and instils accountability into originators and budget holders of the problems that they create by not following best practice, in other words, the individuals that cause problems have to sort them out.

Ever demanding government compliance regulations increases needs for data protection. Having multiple system increases pressure and workload on organisations to maintain compliance, management of this vital area is made much easier with a single system. iDocuments centralises this data, provides a comprehensive data and process audit and reporting.

Gain visibility and control to better manage your organisation

The consistency and standardisation that a single system brings aids control and visibility. Standardising processes can enable a company to become a more flexible and transparent enterprise and provides a basis for making efficiency and performance gains. In particular, organisations which have merged, face challenges where processes and systems may vary from one group or department to another. This can lead to inefficiencies and data consistencies, control, visibility, reporting issues and inhibit growth.

Speed and Flexibility with Mobile apps ‘business anywhere’

iDocuments mobile apps provide users with the opportunity to review and approve documents remotely on their mobile device.

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