Service Management


Streamline service management, delivery and billing; engage with your customers and improve customer satisfaction.

Improve the efficiency of your services team by eliminating the paperwork and reducing manual administration and service tasks for the complete service management life-cycle, from service request through scheduling, delivery and invoicing.


Automate service requests, scheduling, tracking and regulatory validation and delivery via web and field mobile app.

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Customer Portals:

Service Requests submission and Management

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Mobile app:

Field service schedules, job details, forms, tracking and delivery.

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End-to-end automation:

Service workflows automate requests, delivery, validation and billing processes.

Fast, efficient and accurate service management.

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Scheduled and reactive service requests

  • Integrated Service Agreement, Asset and Partner data for auto-population of service forms.  

  • Multiple branch operation

  • Scheduling engine for automating recurring jobs or reactive service.

  • Automated process workflows

  • Priority selection

Skill matrix filter and validation

  • Filter service personnel by required skills, availability, work clearance and location.

Drag & drop service scheduling

  • A simple-to-user drag & drop service diary provides an interactive view of all service requests with job details, status and priority alerts to service personnel.

Tracking, verification and follow-up

  • Status tracking, audit and reports

  • Service Level alerts

  • Review Asset History

  • Attach Photos and documents

Define your own workflow documents rules and validation.

Dynamic Workflow Documents

  • Auto-prompt the required questions relating to a service request for completion and submission. 

  • Configure to your requirements to ensure adherence to mandatory compliance.

  • Distribute procedure and technical documents.

  • Document management and version control.

Integrated data management


  • Multiple Asset Types defined for each service agreement

  • Define associated documents and SLA's. 

Service agreements 

  • Service details and values

  • Priority Levels

  • SLA's

  • Service recurrence

  • Asset types

  • Mandatory documents

Workforce data

  • Contact details

  • Skill sets

  • Eligibility

  • Working patterns and availability

  • Location

  • Integrate with AP Invoicing and Payroll

Customer Portal

  • Service requests submission and review.

  • Product orders and inventory.

ERP Integration

  • Customer data, sales invoices

Real-time alerts and reminders

  • Automated alerts to users for service actions and tasks and follow-up requests  


Integrated document archive and reporting

  • Dynamic Process Documents and supporting documents attached to the workflow are archived for retrieval

  • SLA and performance reporting.

Global service view, analytics and reports

Comprehensive audit trail and reporting

  • Filter document views to instantly check status metrics such as, audit trail history  logs.

  • Export views to Excel or CSV.

Time tracking and billing

  • Integrate billing with you ERP/Finance system.