Sales Order Automation

Eliminate manual processing so you can focus on customer service.

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You can achieve up to 100% data accuracy

with straight-through automated processing​

  • No manual keying of orders. Automatically extract data from the email & attachments up to 100% data accuracy. 

  • Your customers experience faster response times and improved service.

  • Orders are automatically captures, validated, processed and archived in seconds.

  • Orders are automatically routed for exception handling via web interface or mobile app

  • Orders can be retrieved and queried quickly from the archive using Smart Search.

  • Can create delivery documents and Sales Invoices.

  • Allows you to manage Sales Returns approval and Credit Note processes.

Never miss or lose an order


Automatically capture emailed orders and process with no manual entry to save time and reduce errors so you can focus your sales team on customer service.

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Automatically and accurately capture emailed sales orders from your customers, distributors and partners

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Automatically validate and enrich the data extracted according to your specific business rules and policies.

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Automatically acknowledge the order, manage exceptions and route documents to the correct person if approval or manual intervention if rejected.

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Post sales order to your ERP, CRM or other internal systems as required.

Powered by AI and Machine Learning

AI and Machine Learning powered technology to automatically capture data from emailed orders at header and line level and then archive documents and data. 

Data is automatically validated to comply with your specific business rules and criteria. The order data can be enriched automatically with up-to-date pricing, discounts, tax codes and analysis information from your internal systems.

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