iDocuments Projects, Billing & Scheduling


Simpler, faster and better project and client based billing and scheduling.

Projects, Billing and Scheduling

iDocuments Resource Planning enables you to forecast staffing needs, assign people to projects, activities and tasks according to their skill sets and availability.


iDocuments Resource Planning incorporates the ability to move people and assignments using a drag and drop tool to quickly and easily assign people to projects and to gain an immediate Gantt chart style view of projects under your control. You can easily set up and administer projects in minutes and define costs, activities and tasks.

  • Allow Project Managers edit and assign individuals to projects

  • Collaboration module integration for project document versioning and messages connecting external resources to the project

  • Assign tasks by day or hour

  • Define company working hours and public holidays

  • Flexible validation on assignments based on availability and suitability

  • Quick access drag/drop and right click actions

  • Copy plans

  • Visibility of each user’s planned schedule

Microsoft Project Integration

iDocuments Microsoft Project Add-in enables you to plan projects in Microsoft Project and then upload those into iDocuments in order to allocate resources to projects, tasks and activities for subsequently recording time spent in iDocuments Timesheets.


  • Download project data and review offline in Microsoft Project

  • Connect to any project when online to validate Plan

  • Replicate iDocuments configuration in Microsoft Project

  • Choose to remove, replace or update existing items from Plan

  • Upload Plan when ready to update iDocuments

Microsoft Outlook Integration

iDocuments Microsoft Outlook Add-in enables you to synchronize projects, tasks and activities from iDocuments into Microsoft Calendar.


  • Synchronize assignments, leave and sickness from iDocuments to Microsoft Outlook

  • Allow users to change the start/end times only and synchronize back to iDocuments

  • Allow users to confirm assignments and synchronize back to iDocuments

  • Schedule the Microsoft Add-in synchronization to run manually or automated on a regular interval