iDocuments Smart Forms & Workflows

Create documents, checklists and workflows to automate your business processes.

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iDocuments offers you the facility to create user-defined documents that work dynamically with iDocuments and your ERP data, giving you the flexibility to define the fields, rules and workflows you need.


iDocuments Smart Forms puts the user at the centre of the process; where document workflows, permissions and approvals are linked to a user’s profile, making them simple to use.

Remote and mobile working is supported with web based and Mobile apps for iPhone and Android that work both online and offline, with automatic data synch when connected.

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Define your own Smart Forms

Configure iDocuments Smart Forms with the fields, mapping, rules and workflows you define for business processes, such as;

  • Document review and approval

  • Global document share and download

  • Compliance completion and sign-off

Forms can include attachments and photos captured from mobile camera.

Automatic process alerts and notifications

iDocuments Smart Form workflows create automated alerts to users for actions such as approval, review and updating. These actions are also listed in the iDocuments user task list.


Automated Document Renewal alerts

Documents that require periodic renewal, such as employee appraisals, licences, contracts, right to work and compliance certificates can be set up with  automatic alerts so you never miss a renewal deadline.

Comprehensive audit trail and reporting

Document views allow you to filter documents to instantly check status metrics such as, audit trail history and document acknowledgement logs, these may be exported as reports to Excel or CSV.

Archive  and retrieve documents using Smart Search

iDocuments Smart Forms incorporates an integrated digital document archive with an intelligent Smart Search facility enabling authorised users to quickly locate documents and associated information.

Ready-to-use Smart Documents

iDocuments Smart Forms provides a suite of functional document templates for many of the typical document processes you may need, such as checklists, surveys and business processes.

Templates are fully editable so you can tailor them to your specific organisational requirements.

Template suites include:

  • HR Management

  • Purchasing Management

  • Strategic Management

  • Compliance Management

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Configure your processes in line with governance such as policy and health & safety.

Flexible and editable document workflow. Automatic routing for approval and verification.

Deploy via web and mobile

  • Investment Approval

  • Board approval request

  • Budget request and approval

  • Business case approval

  • Compliance certification

  • Licence renewal

  • Fixed asset purchase

  • Stock request

  • Customer site visit checklist

  • Validating and onboarding customers and suppliers

  • Training request

  • HR contracts

  • Worker assets

  • Performance appraisals

  • Disciplinary revision

  • Grievance report form

  • New hire request