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Expense & Credit Card automation

Save time, reduce administration costs and improve productivity.

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No more spreadsheets, paper receipts or re-keying of data.

iDocuments Expenses is an easy to use web-based and mobile expense management solution that enables expense claim expense claims to be created, submitted, stored, reviewed and approved and audited online. 

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Capture reimbursable expenses or corporate card expenses via web-browser or mobile phone. 

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Automatically validate expenses against your company expense policies and rates.

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Automatically route expense and credit card details for authorisation to the correct approver.

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Post as AP invoice journal to your ERP, finance system or payroll for payment.

Electronic import of receipts


Expenses can be entered or imported in many different
ways, for example:

  • Entered via web interface

  • Mobile app: photographed to automatically
    generate an expense claim.

  • Captured from a document such as PDF or Word 

  • Imported from a spreadsheet

Automated approvals and audit and analysis reports for
efficient budget management and spend control

Intelligent approval workflows mean that each expense claim is routed to the correct budget holder or authorizer for approval with email alerts built in.


iDocuments Expenses produces audit reports, ensuring compliance and provides valuable real time web-based business intelligence to help organisations to minimise spend. 

Capture expense analysis to ensure compliance

Automate capture of data for tax compliance, internal expense policies and analysis codes such as department and project.


Entertainment and subsistence claims

Users are automatically prompted for required details of items such as entertainment to capture information in line with tax rules. Define your subsistence policies to automatically ensure subsistence claims remain within policy. 

Mileage claims

Configure your corporate mileage policies and vehicle rates to auto-calculate mileage rates and rate bands.


An integrated map facility makes it even easier to calculate and verify business mileage.

Corporate credit card transactions

Capture receipts and match to credit card transactions. Import the monthly business credit card transactions for your organisation in one easy upload, ready for individual credit card users to verify and submit transactions on their card for posting.

Fast & easy mobile expenses


Enter and submit expenses on the move, online or offline.