wagamama was founded in 1992 in London’s Bloomsbury; inspired by fast-paced, Japanese ramen bars and a celebration of Asian food, to create a unique way of eating.

wagamama automate purchase invoice processing


Sage Partner: Five Go Live                                                                                                           


wagamama are implementing a solution to automate their Purchase Invoice processes.


The multi award-winning restaurant chain is one of the industries big success stories. wagamama have been expanding their restaurant locations consistently over the last few years to 135 restaurants, and are consistently outperforming the competition in this highly competitive market space. wagamama has enjoyed continued strong sales growth year on year, and continuing to build on its success with ongoing investment in new restaurants.


To remain competitive, they have looked at improving efficiencies in their back-office functions so they can meet the challenges of the rapidly growing organisation without increasing the headcount.


Over the last few years, as the business has grown, wagamama have been investing in IT related activities and tighter integration between their ERP and other systems to reduce duplication of effort. A key area missing from this integration was the handling of the Purchase to Pay process for invoices not related to Food, Beverage and Maintenance, which still accounted for some 30% of the volume of document processing.


With the improvements in OCR Scanning technologies, wagamama investigated various document management and OCR scanning technologies, with specific objective of being able to minimise the manual input and authorisation of supplier invoices.


As a result of a 12-month review of available software, wagamama have selected a solution with Five Go Live to streamline their purchase pay processes. The key selection criteria were clearly based on total cost of ownership, but also on the proven track record the solution and its full, seamless and demonstrable integration with Sage ERP1000 and the ability to offer mobile apps which allow managers and budget holders to review and authorise invoices anytime and anywhere.


The solution will automate the complete purchase invoice process from scanning invoices, through approval to payment. Built-in rules and workflows allow wagamama to standardise and automate their purchase invoice process from scanning through to payment across the entire organisation.