Blick Rothenberg is a long-standing specialist outsourced accounting provider with a proven track record of supporting multinational clients with subsidiaries throughout the world.

solutions are designed to support companies throughout their entire business lifecycle - from start-ups and overseas growth initiatives to global expansion and setting up shared service centres around the world. 

Leading the way in outsourced accounting and financial services

Blick Rothenberg outsources accounting support to businesses based in the United Kingdom as well as overseas, eliminating clients’ needs for in-house accounting departments. Some 95% of its customers have a global reach, and when they are expanding, they’ve got their hands full – hiring and managing staff, establishing sales channels, and finding new customers. Blick Rothenberg’s unique web self-service offering allows these companies to focus on their core operations.


“When firms are growing internationally, management has a lot to think about,” says Jim Brown, Partner at Blick Rothenberg. “People come to us because we have a long history of helping growing businesses with their financial accounting needs.


Blick Rothenberg combined the SAP® Business One application with iDocuments from Synantix to offer customers a cutting-edge Web service for posting transactions, approving invoices, forecasting cash flow, and simulating financial scenarios. People log on via a web browser to search their ledgers, download reports, approve transactions, and get task alerts and notifications.


“The key word is control,” Brown says. “Our clients really like the fact that this solution allows them to stay in control, even if they’re based elsewhere and have never met the employees they’ve got on the ground in the UK. They still feel like they’ve got oversight of what’s happening in their business.”

Adding value worldwide with web self-services

Blick Rothenberg clients come from all corners of the globe, ranging in size from smaller firms with a few hundred employees to global corporations listed on the major stock exchanges.


“We offer a high value-added service,” Brown says. “We need to make sure that everything we’re doing is done right, and that it conforms to the highest possible standards. The key is to make sure we maintain a focus on service levels and client relationships.”


Providing clients with a broad range of services is also key to Blick Rothenberg’s vision. Historically, the firm has been seen as an accounting provider. Says Brown, “We’re trying to widen that to deliver more back office services to people, in terms of HR and other offerings. That will definitely be a growth area for us going forward.”


“We have been in business 25 years. We’ve just hit the 2,000 mark in terms of the number of companies we’ve helped set up in the United Kingdom.

SAP Business One and iDocuments delivers a unique solution

Blick Rothenberg examined the competition before making its selection. Several things set the SAP Business One and iDocuments combination apart. One was trust. Says Brown, “We were familiar with the team at Synantix, a SAP channel partner, from a previous engagement. We knew that we’d be able to rely on them and trust them to deliver our solution.”


Another differentiator was the unique, combined offering of SAP Business One – a business management solution designed for small and midsize firms – and the iDocuments Web service. “A lot of people offer an accounting platform,” Brown says. “But to tie that into a Web service? That’s harder to find. It was important that we chose partners who were able to develop a solution that would meet our clients’ needs.”


“SAP is a massive and very successful company, and we’re relatively small. But we were made to feel important and felt confident that we’d be taken care of.”

Satisfying clients, gaining advantage

While Blick Rothenberg cites a number of benefits, first and foremost is client satisfaction. “We’ve had very positive feedback from clients who are using the platform,” Brown says. “They have told us they see it as a great step forward, in terms of functionality, look and feel, and ease of use. They like the fact that we have given them a modern, dynamic solution.”


 “We have also put a more consistent structure in place,” Brown says. “This means it’s easier for individuals to take over or delegate work, since everyone is using the same system and processes.”


For Blick Rothenberg, the bottom line is competitive advantage. “We think this web interface, and how it interacts with SAP Business One, is one of our key differentiators,” Brown says. “If I’m talking to a potential client, I make sure I mention this every time. It separates us from the competition, and it is very important to us.”