iDocuments B2B eCommerce Portal

24/7 self-service automated solution for your customers, distributors, partners and staff.

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Never miss or lose an order


A B2B eCommerce Portal built around your customers, distributors, partners and staff as part of your multi-channel sales strategy.


iDocuments B2B eCommerce Portal provides an integrated and highly configurable self-service portal and catalogue that provides access products and account information 24/7 from any location.

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shopping experience


Your branded eCommerce store with your Products, prices and product information. 

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Order Dashboard


Real-time view of orders and status, with drill-down facility to individual transactions.

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Self Service Portal


Provide your customers and distributors with a 24/7 service solution,

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Powerful Integration


Seamless integration with your internal systems such as ERP and CRM using flexible integration facilities.

Powerful and flexible product catalogue


Provide your customers, distributors and staff with a consumer-style shopping experience with information on products, prices, availability and product information so they can quickly and easily place orders.

iDocuments maintains details of customer account details, prices, special offers and any discounts that are currently running and applies them to orders.

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Scale your business seamlessly, quickly and efficiently

iDocuments B2B eCommerce Portal enables straight-through order to invoice processing. iDocuments seamlessly links to your ERP, CRM, finance or other key systems to ensure data is always accurate and up to date.

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Visibility of order details and history

Provide your customers with details of previous orders, open orders and cancelled orders. You can also give your customers the ability to export data to Excel and other reporting tools so they can do the analysis they require.