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Automation solutions that streamline

and simplify key business processes.

Time to adapt and innovate - eliminate manual tasks, reduce costs, control spend and improve service. 

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"I was so impressed with how quickly the system could be customised to our requirements and how I could describe the issues, they were understood and within days of an agreed solution it was ready for testing."

System Accountant - existing customer

iDocuments uses AI and Machine Learning technology to free your team from manual and repetitive tasks to focus on adding value and leading your business forward.


We have worked with hundreds of businesses to save time and money by improving efficiency and compliance, eliminating errors and reducing cost through process automation.


IDocuments allows you to engage the workforce throughout the automation process to eliminate repetitive and often unnecessary tasks, improve accuracy and save time.

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Why iDocuments

iDocuments is designed as a cost-effective and scalable solution that comprehensively addresses many key business priorities and challenges, whilst being intuitive to use and easy to implement.


iDocuments integrates real-time with your accounting and ERP software, so not only do you avoid duplication of data but also extend the reach of your existing investment to your entire workforce. 

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Control your entire purchase to pay process with one single automated solution


It's time to cut out the paperwork, improve spend control and save money.

Whether you are a budget holder, or a member of the finance or procurement team, iDocuments purchase to pay automation delivers real-time visibility of financial data and performance metrics.


Our customers have benefited from significant cost-saving, reduced errors, increased compliance and faster purchase to pay.

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Streamline employee expense claims 


Is your finance team spending too much time manually processing employee expense claims and company credit card statements?

Imagine your employee expense claims delivered automatically approved, within policy, along with receipts and analysis such as cost centre, budget and tax compliance rules. 


 Make splitting down credit card expenses a thing of the past by enabling company credit card holders code their own expenses and upload receipts line by line.

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Automate sales orders and eliminate manual entry

Automate your sales order process from emailed orders
or through a B2B eCommerce Portal built round your customers.

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Visibility, compliance and efficiency across your Service and time management processes


iDocuments workforce offers a self-service process automation solution for  service delivery, project management, time & attendance and scheduling in a single modular package.

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Custom process automation

Automate custom business processes with your own built-in business rules, workflows and dynamically generated documents.


Every business has documents that require completion, approval and auditing; these can originate from any department and can be as varied as capex requests, purchasing procurement, contracts, HR records and service delivery.


iDocuments custom process automation enables you to create processes that can work for both one-off or recurring events, giving you complete control, visibility and compliance.

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On Premise

iDocuments can be deployed on premise on your own server environment for maximum control.


iDocuments can be deployed on the cloud for speed and convenience so you can focus on your business.


iPhone IOS and Android apps provides authorisers and budget holders with anytime and anywhere control and visibility.

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